As a busy professional, I need a helping hand to run my day to day errands. My Delivery Partners keeps me on track and looking smart! Che is always on time as they delivers within the hour.

As new homeowners, We had a lot of DIY projects. Che kept us on track by pick up items we ordered online. When we ran out of paint, our product arrived within an hour - just in time to finish our project.

Being a parent is time consuming but immensely rewarding. Che lends a helping hand to deliver needed products while I continue to work. As for my son, he enjoys spending more time with his dad. Getting my time back is priceless.

Che helps me compete in the market as I am able to offer my customer same day delivery services. I love the flexibility of being able to arrange deliveries for my customers and tracking it all way to their doorstep. The best part is deliveries are completed in as little as 1 hour.

How Che Works