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In the unlikely event that you encounter an issue with your order, please chat with us via the app or email us on We are happy to help!

A Guide to Che

Che is a service that assists our busy customers to get their time back. When you’re needing to go across town to pick up an item, send a package to your loyal customers, deliver an item to mom or just want to enjoy a restful day with your family - Che will lend a hand. Just start a new delivery in the app or in your user dashboard and our Delivery Partners will be on the way to pick up your item.

Creating an account

Setting up your account is quick and easy! Simply download your app from the Apple Store or Google Play and select “Register Now”. Follow the prompts to enter your email address, name, phone number and select a password that is easy to remember. Once complete, you can start a new delivery!

Manage your account

Che was designed allow our users to easily navigate through the website and the app. To manage your account in the app, simple tap on your profile picture and you can update your information and/or reset your password.